Rapid curing (from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on the formulation) Can be successfully applied at surface temperatures from -30°F to 140°F. Very low viscosity—equivalent to water—which gives it outstanding wetting ability on a properly prepared concrete floor. High film build (up to 18 mils in a single coat). Bubble-free surfaces even at high humidity (although high humidity can speed up the cure time considerably). UV stable so it will never turn yellow—and can provide UV protection to underlying coatings. Made with a high solids content (as high as 100%), which means low or no volatile organics (VOCs) during application. The cured coating can handle temperatures up to 350°FCrystal clear and does not blush white from moisture in the concrete.
You can walk on it in 4 hours, move items back into the garage in 6 hours and drive on it in as little as 24 hrs. (Cure time varies based on ambient temperatures & humidity levels)
Here at Diamond Cut Garage floors , we do all the work. We do not subcontract our work. This is a family owned business and will stay that way.
No, we do not. Epoxy needs to bond mechanically to concrete in order for it to adhere properly. This process reduces the porosity, thus requiring the surface to be profiled to expose the pores so that the​ epoxy can bond to it. If not, the epoxy will fail. When it comes to profiling concrete for epoxy flooring, the best method is to mechanically grind the surface. Results can be controlled for desired outcome. This is not possible with “acid etching”. If a contractor tell you that “acid etching” is better. They mean “cheaper” for them.

Absolutely! Kitchen floors, kennels, showrooms…etc. This floor is completely sealed and waterproof. One of the most durable surfaces out there. Resistant to abrasion and can handle mass amount of traffics. You create the look you want, and we will install it.

No. The surface is textured with the combination of the vinyl chipset , with a sealer top coat.
The warranty is for 15yrs. It is a wear warranty. No trip charges assessed! You will find that this is the best in the business.

You bet. Amazing Garage Floors which is chemically formulated to create a bond with the surface and is rated at 400 PSI. Most concrete is rated at 350 PSI. 

Not to be the bad guy here. But epoxy kits are inferior in quality. The basics are that they are concrete paint. One and two part epoxy kits designed to make your floor look better. They are generally effective in low traffic areas. In a high traffic area ie.. a garage, they will generally fail over time from something simple as “hot tire pick up”. Some contractors will cut corners using these products. Make sure you ask what product your contractor will be using. A lower bid from a contractor might make you consider this aspect.

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