The Process

Step 1

After initial bid and contract is accepted . We promptly show up to job site in the morning at your scheduled time. We will discuss with you the timeline of the day of installing your custom epoxy garage floor. We start by grinding the concrete surface to open up the pores on the substrate for proper adhesion of epoxy primer to the concrete surface. After grinding we will make repairs to any prior damaged concrete, to make the the surface flat and uniformed.

Step 2

We will then vacuum concrete surface for loose debris and remove all dust from “pores” of concrete. We will apply your custom tinted epoxy base coat to the verticals in your garage and broadcast vinyl chips.

Step 3

We will start with applying your custom tinted epoxy and chips to the verticals and move onto the floor with the primer coat. The primer coat on the garage floor will guarantee proper adhesion of the tinted base coat and soak into the pores of the concrete. This is a important step in our industry leading 15 year wear warranty!

Step 4

After custom tinted epoxy base coat and vinyl chips have dried. We scrape all those loose chips up. We then vacuum all those loose vinyl chips, and prepare the surface for final top clear coat (sealer coat). This is a specially formulated proprietary polyaspartic sealer coat that will give your custom epoxy garage floor that amazing garage floor look you’ve always wanted. What you see below if vinyl chips broadcasted and scraped before final proprietary polyaspartic top clear sealer coat.

Step 5

This is last and final step. We install the proprietary polyaspartic sealer top coat that will protect your beautiful new custom epoxy garage floor for many years to come. You will have to wait four hours to walk on it, and enjoy the benefits! Pictures below are finished product of you brand new custom epoxy garage floor.